Flu Season and COVID-19 Thoughts

During this winter 'flu/virus period - Coronavirus COVID-19 or otherwise - try and follow the practices listed
Follow NHS Advice
  • Self Distancing - keep 2m away from everyone where possible
  • Washing you hands regularly, with soap and water for 20secs especially when coming in from outside the house
  • Cough into a tissue and throw away or into the elbow of your sleeve, wash your jumpers/tops regularly
  • Wash all surfaces down regularly
  • Self isolate if you develop symptoms - fever and cough especially if you live on your own inform a family member/friend that you are self isolating
  • Be aware of your neighbours and family and check if they need anything leaving at their door

Most importantly though try and support your immune system:

  • Try and find activities during the day to relax be it listening to music or chatting on the phone to a friend or family member
  • Eat as well as you can, plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Try and laugh at least once a day
  • Drink plenty of fluids to keep your body hydrated

And lets all try and hold onto the thought that for 80% of people COVID-19 is a mild virus and try to stay calm