What Patients Say

Angela's Story

How would you describe your experience?
"After years of going and back and forth doctors and hospitals I discovered the work that Heather does, and, her work has changed my life for the better. I have answers at last. Answers to tummy issues, breathing issues, pain in my face, tiredness, painful eyes. All of which, I had suffered with for years, with no obvious cause.

After the very first session with Heather. she discovered an intolerance to cheese which was causing the pain in my face. For years I had been to doctors, dentists and even a consultant with no answers. Now there is no need to cover my face to protect it from the mildest of draughts. I can go out in a gale with no pain. Its amazing.

During that very first session she also found that I had issues with a number of foods, for example lemons, milk. Within days, there was a dramatic difference with tummy pain because now I knew what to avoid.

Heather can also test with environmental substances so we discovered Silver Birch trees, and also moulds give me breathing problems.

Heather can test you with almost any product, for example I have taken my shampoo, washing powder, makeup, baking powder etc. etc. for her to test on me. She can test you with almost anything from your home which maybe causing you an issue. For example, I took her Nivea moisturiser which have used for over 35 years and she found that my body doesn’t actually like it. So the teenage spots experienced for years and years and years was not hormone related at all. My skin is so much better now. Also perfumed products have been causing me pain in my eyes, so it was not Dry Eyes which had been previously diagnosed by my doctor.

Although Heather’s methods don’t appear to be scientific, her methods work. I have recommended her to family and friends so that they too can have answers to some of their troubles. I have no doubt that she could change many people’s lives for the better, she has certainly changed and vastly improved mine.

I can’t recommend her methods highly enough.