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Craig's Story

How would you describe your experience?
'After my 13 years of travelling the world, the travel bug bit me, but it would seem that was not the only bug to bite. I have spent the past 10 years or so, in and out of hospital with major stomach pains, often to the point where I would pass out from the intensity. Over the years I have tried numerous medicines, potions and concoctions but none actually fully worked. I came across Heather and figured I would try her Kenisiology ways.

I have to say, I am open minded, but I was rather sceptical of this method. In my case, after a thorough consultation, you lay on the bed and she puts a vile of various foods and allergens on my belly, and in a nutshell she asks you to try and stop her pulling your arm away from your body, if you can then she moves on, if you cannot then there is a problem. So for example she put a vile of chicken extract on my belly and pulled my arm away from my body, but I was able to stop her, but she tried a vile of yeast extract on my belly and no matter how hard I pulled back, she was able to easily pull my arm away from me. I was amazed! I even tried to fool her on a few occasions to test her legitimacy, but in all honesty I was blown away with the results. Through her alternative methods, she described what was going on within my body in a way I was able to understand, and through supplements and diet change, she has totally changed my world.

I am now pain free, understand my limitations and after the initial crappy diet she suggested, I was slowly able to introduce things back into my eating pattern.

If you want a quick fix for what ails you (ie put a plaster over the problem), this is no good for you, if you want to heal yourself from the source, the root of the issue, I can recommend this friendly service. It takes time, effort and a little upset over the fact you may have to avoid the things you like for a while, but ultimately the sacrifice was so worth it.

Thanks Heather'