What Patients Say

Katie's Story

How would you describe your experience?
"When I first met Heather, I was very sick. I'd spent years being passed from one Doctor to another, all unable to diagnose what was wrong. I had lost a significant amount of weight, reacted to pretty much anything that I ate, had irregular periods & recurrent infections, combined with chronic irritable bowel and ME (exhaustion) to the extent that I had had to give up work at the age of 30.

Having been sent to see the some of the top allergy and gastro consultants in the country, none of whom could help, I was desperate and open to anything by the time I found Heather.

During the initial consultation, Heather conducted muscle testing on a range of food, drinks, chemicals and general allergens to ascertain my levels of reactivity. She also tested how my organs were performing against normal, optimal levels.

Heather diagnosed chronic candida throughout the body which was affecting numerous organs and resulting in extensive food intolerances. My body was so depleted and reactive that the only vitamin, mineral and probiotic supplements that I could tolerate to start my journey back to health were those designed for babies. Anything else I reacted to.

Over the subsequent months, I followed a very restricted diet (initially consisting of pretty much just rice and chicken which was all I could stomach at the time), which was designed to eliminate everything that I was reacting to, whilst starting to strengthen my immune system and allowing my body to heal. This was supported by the natural supplements that were needed to enhance my organ function.

Over time, under Heather's guidance, I was able to reintroduce more foods and increase the strength of the supplements, to the extent that although I still have to follow a strict diet, I can now eat a wide range of food, my reactivity levels have decreased to the extent that I can work again with very few flare ups and the candida is pretty much under control. I feel better now, aged 35 than I did when I was 20!

Heather's kineseology treatment has not only allowed me to reclaim my life, eat, get out and about and work again, it has also meant that I have been able to conceive. I am just entering my final month of pregnancy - having been told I would never be able to have children because of my health. None of this would have happened if I had not had the benefit of Heather's insight and experience in kineseology, her practical guidance and patience! "

Update: Baby Boy has arrived and the next phase in Katie's life begins