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Gee's Story

How would you describe your experience?
I have learnt a lot about how my body works, nutrition and my complex food intolerances through Heather Celaschi and her testing using kinesiology (muscle testing). It appears that I have a high Candida imbalance (usually due to antibiotics using the orthodox treatment) and this is controlled by using supplements on a daily basis. Each time I go and see her a new intolerance is identified, sometimes the item is only intolerant for a few months, occasionally it is longer. Without this means of identification my life and health would be in constant turmoil, something that the orthodox treatment would not have time and sadly probably not the inclination to find out the root of the problems. Most of the time in our sessions we interact with possible theories and Heather is always keen to listen and to explore further, as I do myself, where relevant.