What Patients Say

Bethan's Story

How would you describe your experience?
"I have seen Heather on numerous occasions and find her practice and support invaluable to me.

I started having eczema in my late 20's after a divorce and didn't really find the dermatologist much help at the time. I had never suffered from allergies before and found I was constantly anxious and became depressed as a result of feeling ill all the time (as I didn't understand what was happening to my body).

I found Heather's Practice to be unbelievable and started to understand more about the foods I ate and how they had an impact on my eczema. By making some changes I learned that I had intolerances to certain foods but not actual allergies. I cut certain foods out of my diet for a while and felt so much better for it.

I've visited Heather a few times over the years and I have now got to the point where I can eat anything I want but in moderation (this in turn controls my eczema) and then I have less anxiety and my depression has nearly gone. I could also email Heather when I was feeling low and I knew that she would support me and give advice (this proved to be invaluable to me!!).

Sometimes the GP and the Consultants can only do so much and this is when I needed Heather the most. I dread to think where I would be in my life now if I hadn't been given Heathers number from a colleague in work. I still think it's nuts how she can test didn't foods etc on me just by placing them on my stomach and using the strength in my arm - it's amazing."