What Patients Say

David's Story

How would you describe your experience?
"I have suffered with IBS for around 15 years and when I decided to go and see Heather back in Feb 2015 I really was in a bad way. I was constantly feeling lethargic, anxious, had put a load of weight on and was really suffering from depression and stress symptoms.

A year on and life is a very different story for me. Well in fact it was within the first week of seeing Heather and taking her advice that I started to transform and as the weeks and months went by my negative symptoms declined and I was left with bounds of energy and pain free.

The process that Heather took me through was fascinating and it allowed me to understand my body so much better and realise what foods were harming my body and the reasons why.

The end goal is to be able to reintroduce all food groups back into my diet and I’m on the journey however currently knowing what foods to avoid and know what supplements to help support my recovery I am feeling in a great place, all down to Heather.

I can only thank Heather for her support and from my own great experience I have referred several new clients her way."